A Good but Incomplete Start to Debt Relief

Paola Subacchi LONDON – A global collapse in economic activity during the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly increased the risk of debt distress in many countries, pushing the poorest ones to the brink. In response, various international organizations have unveiled a number of initiatives to forestall circumstances necessitating between responding adequately to the public-health crisis and […]


The State of America’s Disunion

Michael Spence and David W. Brady MILAN/PALO ALTO – In the US presidential election this year, President-elect Joe Biden received 79.8 million (51%) votes, Donald Trump received 73.8 million (47.2%), and the remaining candidates received 2.5 million (1.7%). Though votes are still being counted in California, New York, and Illinois, this year’s turnout has reached […]


Europe’s Faustian Bargain

Melvyn Krauss Melvyn Krauss is a senior fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. NEW YORK – The second wave of COVID-19 infections has struck Europe harder than many expected. The hope of a V-shaped recovery has been replaced by the fear of a double-dip recession, implying that there will be no quick return to normal […]

Africa Opinions Wellness

Minding Children’s Wellbeing During This Extended 合约数字货币交易所_永续合约交易homestay Period

One of the positive outcomes of this extended 合约数字货币交易所_永续合约交易homestay period for children and parents has been the unrivalled time between parents/caregivers and their children.  I am sure, like me, many parents must have been challenged at first on how to have children around them all the time, keep them engaged without getting on each other’s […]


The Revenge of the Precariat

Edoardo Campanella, TURIN – Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the role of low-skilled labor in the economy was assumed to be in decline. In digitally disrupted labor markets, where fancy STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) professions enjoy pride of place, only highly qualified professionals can thrive. Those whose jobs are threatened by new technologies are condemned […]


Vaccine Apartheid

Jayati Ghosh, NEW DELHI – The American pharmaceutical company Pfizer and Germany’s BioNTech have announced that the COVID-19 vaccine they are jointly developing was more than 90% effective in early clinical trials. The news raised hopes around the world that life may soon return to pre-pandemic normal. Those hopes may not last long. The announcement also sent […]

Africa ICT Opinions

A Tech Role Model for Nigeria

Elo Umeh LAGOS – In 2018, African start-ups were celebrating: they had raised nearly $1.2 billion in equity – a 108% increase from the previous year. And last year, Nigerian financial-technology (fintech) companies set an even more impressive record, raising $360 million from international investors in a single month (November). Making the most of the Nigerian tech sector’s current […]


How Public Development Banks Can Help Nature

Elizabeth Mrema and Carlos Manuel Rodriguez MONTREAL/WASHINGTON, DC – This week’s Finance in Common Summit will mark the first time that leaders of the world’s 450 public development banks (PDBs) come together to discuss how to reorient investments toward sustainable development. Given the current global economic uncertainty and compounding environmental threats, the gathering comes at a critical […]